Mills Brewing / Oliver's Barleycorn & Appleseed 10.2% (750ml) - LIMITED TO ONE BOTTLE PER PERSON

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Another sensational collaboration with Tom Oliver and Mills Brewing.

An extra-strong ruby wort in the style of a traditional barleywine fermented with Oliver's wild cider lees in old oak whisky casks for 15 months with juice from a blend of Dabinett, Michelin and Foxwhelp apples. The barrels contained 50% wort and 50% juice.
The resulting beer/cider was bottled 'still' with just a touch of priming sugar to give a hint of life. It was left to mature in bottle for 10 months.
This drink really highlights how well beer and cider can integrate. On the first sip the beer is hugely rich, but a second later the acidity and drying tannins of the cider have wiped the palate clean.
We recommend you serve this bottle at room temperature.